Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Kitchen has arrived

The kitchen has been installed over the last couple of days. A few minor issues with wiring for lights but all went well. Templates were taken for the bench tops so they can be made over the next week or so and will be installed later. (photo quality is a bit average, bad light....insert excuses here).
Back wall - ovens on the right, cooktop in the middle and wine fridge in the space on the left.
Front of island - 6 cupboards 300mm back under front edge of island top 
Study nook and fridge space
Back of island. 2 x 4 drawers either end, bin on the right, two spaces for F&P dish drawers that will have matching fronts with utility drawers under both
Cooktop to go in the middle. Mosaic tiles to go around the window
Main utensil drawer under the cooktop
Pot drawers under the ovens
Pull out bin drawer in the island
Walk in pantry bench, sink will be done the far right end. Shelves and broom cupboard are on the right of the door
Sink for the walk in pantry

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  1. Loving everything about your build. I like the louvre windows in your kitchen too, what a great idea!